WordPress Editorial Calendar | Amazingly Useful & Free

Organize Using A WordPress Calendar I admit that when it comes to organizing my posts and purposely scheduling content, managing and prioritizing content ideas… I’m among the worst. That’s why when I recently came across the free WordPress Editorial Calendar by StressLimitDesign I was really happy. It does a few things and does them effortlessly […]

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Customize WordPress Fonts

Custom Font | WordPress Magic With Customizr

Customize Your Fonts With Ease I wrote previously about how amazing the Customizr WordPress theme is, and not because its free, but because it is so robust and feature-rich. Last week I upgraded to the Font Customizr plugin pack which adds a massive library of over 650 font types and 40+ CSS3 effects. Now this […]

How To Track Goals Using Google Analytics

Learn How To Set & Track Goals If you’re using Google Analytics (and you should be, its free and powerful), then you have at your disposal easy, quick and detailed information about traffic on your site. Specifically, I’m talking about setting up Goals for your website and even Sales Pages, to track visitor sources, actions […]

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Write For Everyone

Quick Tips To Satisfy More Readers

Do You Write For Everyone? Some people like it short and sweet, others like the winding road of good writing. Solution: Write enough information to please everyone, and utilize headings and an opening summary to please your most-hurried readers and make it simple to consume your information quickly. When it comes to delivering information, written […]