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I’ve been in the online business for many years and I’ve witnessed first-hand all of the fads, and used virtually all of the marketing methods and tactics that you’ll read about online.

During that time I’ve come to recognize which strategies are “really” working and which ones are merely marketing hype. And I’m sharing my experiences with you so that you can hopefully skate right past the hype-machine that I believe kills more online businesses than anything else, and get straight to money-making.

OK, OK, I’ll answer one of the top questions… why EPIC FIZZ? First, who doesn’t want a name that stands out? Next, how do you stand out in a crowd like Smart Passive Income, Copy Blogger and Viper Chill? So while brain-storming I remembered that as a kid I loved getting an ice-cold Coke in the glass bottle because the fizz was so amazing… we used to joke that it had so much fizz that it was taking some skin down with it! Epic Fizz is awesome and so this site’s name was born.

A Little About Me

Bob CreechMy background is kind of unique as it relates to most of the people you come across in this industry. I spent nearly 20 years in law enforcement, even serving two terms as an elected Sheriff, before going back to school and earning a Masters in Organizational Development Psychology. During that time I was the Director of Public Safety at a University and later when I graduated I landed a sweet job as a Sr. V.P. for a national corporation.

A few years into that job the company was forced to make massive layoffs (over half of the corporate staff thanks to the 2009 economy crash) and a friend introduced me to online marketing. Once I realized the potential I was pretty upset that I hadn’t learned about it earlier.

I’ve been working from my home ever since! I’ve written blog posts while drinking coffee from my mountain-side campsite, which was for me the driving force… I wanted freedom. Freedom to spend time with my wife and son, and our crazy dogs! Freedom to travel and do the things that dreams are made of.

Since then I’ve written hundreds of articles and been featured on a lot of websites (I do use some pseudonyms). I’ve flipped domains for thousands. I own over a dozen blogs in various niches and actively use all of the techniques and strategies that I’m sharing with you.

Enough About Me… What About You

It’s a difficult balancing act to build a site and present information that benefits everyone, given that each of you has a varying degree of experience and certainly different backgrounds and comfort levels… but I’m trying.

I would genuinely love to hear from you and learn about where you’re at in your business, and even where you started and hope to go with it.

I have always believed in and used the saying that “None of use here are as smart as all of us here“,and because of that its important that you leave comments, share your thoughts, experiences and suggestions. I promise you that I’ll learn from you, too. Just because I’ve been doing this for years doesn’t mean I know it all, and I am HAPPY to learn every day!

Building An Epic Community

Building An Epic TribeOn that same note, what this site is, is a community and not a podium. It’s not about just what I can teach you, but what you can contribute. I welcome guest posts and contributors if the content is original, high quality, and will help us on our quest to make more money online and do it easier, quicker and smarter.

Not everyone is going to write at Epic Fizz, but EVERYONE can help out by sharing this site with your social networks and bookmarking Epic Fizz at sites like Delicious, StumbleUpon, etc…

Why should you? While I earn money from some of the products I promote, like all of you, this is the one site out of ALL of them that I own that I feel the most passionate about… that I can actually help good people realize their dream of independence, or even help them put food on the table for their families.

Epic Fizz is far more than just another blog or affiliate site. And I’d like to have it built around people who feel the same, and those people are the kind who are happy to help it grow.


What’s In It For You

I can’t promise millions or anything, really. But I can promise that I’ll give you the best of what I’ve learned and share what’s working for me. I’ll do everything I can to make the information you find here helpful and actionable. I have a lot of experience and anyone who is subscribed to the Epic Fizz newsletter has my direct email and I promise to not only answer, I’ll do what I can to help answer your questions, solve an issue or fix a problem… I’ve jumped on the phone or Skype with lots of people… whatever it takes.

So grab the Epic Fizz Newsletter FREE right now and join the tribe!


Bob Creech

               – Live An Epic Life


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