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Looking For The Best Free WordPress Theme?

Best Free WordPress ThemeHaving been a blogger for many years I’ve used so many free themes and bought almost a dozen premium ones, that I can’t even remember them all. These days I almost never even look at free themes because I’ve found it best to go premium and get better customization potential (for dummies like me), regular updates and bug fixes, rather than worrying that a free theme won’t be supported. Sure, you can always change themes, but I like to streamline my work and once I build a site I don’t want to mess with it again. Here’s the short version for quick-finger types… Customizr is the best free WordPress theme right now, and the best that I’ve ever used myself.

And I’m not affiliated with them (it’s free after all) and this is a 100% unbiased and non-affiliated opinion… I truly love this theme! I’m an affiliate of Elegant Themes, Cyber Chimps, etc… and while I love some of their themes, too, this one is my favorite right now even amongst premium themes. So I could be pimping some theme I’m affiliated with, but I want people to have the best sites possible and this is the ticket.

What makes this such a steal? Well, for starters, it’s completely free. While professional bloggers and successful affiliates won’t blink at paying for a premium theme, I know there are a lot of people who are just starting out or for whatever reason can’t afford premium themes and plugins just yet. But when it’s free it’s free, so no one is left out. Even if you’re loaded, grab this theme!

But the real deal here is how this WordPress theme performs. In fact, when I was building this site, Epic Fizz, I was searching for a new theme to try out and I was specifically looking at some of the premium themes. I had never heard of Customizr, though I did know about Themes&Co. While reading reviews of a premium theme I had my eye on, I read from one person who mentioned Customizr as an alternative. So being inquisitive I began my research.

What I found was brilliant. The people behind Themes&Co are on to something here. They’ve figured out that to be competitive in a crowded market they had to be different. So, they give you a completely robust theme, and support and updates, free. They realize that people who are successful and find it useful will make a supportive donation later, if they choose, or maybe purchase one of the upgrades for the theme (the FREE version is NOT nerfed, I’ll discuss this later). I like and appreciate this approach and their massive (almost viral) popularity speaks for itself (almost 1/2 million downloads as of writing).

What Makes Customizr The Best Free WordPress Theme

Best Free WordPress Theme - CustomizrThe theme is updated regularly, which is important. The last thing you want is a theme which is not updated and crashes or has conflicts every time there’s a WordPress update. A good developer will work hand in hand with WordPress to ensure that their products are ready when new updates roll out. I was pleasantly surprised at the last WP update that the theme also was ready with an update of its own.

Lots of documentation and support. No one would ever expect the level of instruction and guidance that they get from these guys, from a free theme. From videos to tutorials, setting up and customizing is truly a breeze for virtually anyone.

The easy and intuitive interface is the key to this theme’s success. Below is a screen shot of how much you can control right from the “Customize” tab in the WordPress themes section. Most themes, as you know, only give you a very basic degree of customization from this console. With Customizr you can make changes and see them live on your blog before saving and committing to them.

Customizr Screenshot 1

Did you notice that the header on the image shows that I was customizing the “Child” theme? Many of you won’t think anything of it, but people with less skills and those new to the business, who’ve heard about the importance of a child theme but didn’t know how to use one, will be glad to know that Themes&Co is even thoughtful enough to provide a “Ready To Go” child theme. Just upload both the regular theme and the child theme as usual, and activate the child theme… it’s configured to go almost right out of the box so to speak. Then, every time there’s an update to the theme you don’t have to worry about your customizations being lost.

Yes, there are two upgrades you can make with this theme, they each cost $19.95 as of writing. 1) WordPress Font Customizr gives you 650+ fast delivered Google fonts and 40+ incredible CSS3 effects. The other is 2) Featured Pages Unlimited which is cool, but not at all necessary, and allows you to have more than 3 “Featured Pages” on your home page. The Featured Pages are unique in that they line up near the top (just under the header)… here’s a screenshot:

Customizr Featured Posts

When you purchase the upgrade it just allows you to have more than the three in the free version, so maybe 2 rows of three each or even 4 rows of three each. Most of us have no need for that. So as you can see, the “upgrades” don’t even follow the standard rules whereby developers give you a “dumbed down” version of some software, but “require” you to purchase some upgrade to really use it. Not with Customizr. What’s not to love?

Check out Customizr and see for yourself why so many people are loving this and why its the best free WordPress theme you can get, period. And leave me a comment below about this, do you agree, are you surprised, or, do you have another free theme which is your favorite?


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