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Blog Post IdeasStruggling for new blog post ideas and topics? If you’re like most of us then you probably have way more than one iron in the fire. I’m probably the worst when it comes to this because I guess I get bored too easily or I’m easily distracted. This can be a good thing, or a bad one.

When it comes to blogging for a living it’s a decidedly bad thing because you lose focus on the blog direction and your readers, and then stumble to come up with fresh and helpful new blog post ideas.

In fact, I own several dozen domains all running the gamut from domain only to fully developed websites. Because of this I find it nearly impossible to stay committed or focused to one blog (writing new content) and see it to it’s full potential. For example, one of my blogs was receiving 2,500 daily visits, and instead of committing to it I was off to the next blog. The site has had nearly 1/2 million visits and of course has a lot of natural and organic links pointing to it, so I can revive it, but I should never have neglected it like that.

That 2,500 per day blog has since dropped in ranking and traffic because I neglected it and failed to keep it fresh and relevant, things which matter to Google, and to readers. After you’ve returned to a site a couple of times and found nothing new or exciting, how likely are you to come back? Exactly. I’ve learned this lesson the hard way so maybe you don’t have to.

I cannot fully change my predicament because I am committed to the several other blogs and projects (until I can sell a couple of them off, I sold one of the development sites for $2k a couple of months ago). But my new year’s resolution began with an email from Jon Morrow.

In it Jon wrote about blogging and treating it as a profession rather than a hobby, which is what we’re doing when we don’t fully commit. I made this commitment to myself and my online career… will you?

If you want to be successful, you have to start thinking about it the same way. You have to stop looking at it as a hobby and start looking at it as your future profession.


Or put more simply, take it seriously.


Are you willing to make that commitment in 2015? Are you willing to do what it takes?

This is a personal commitment you’re making; after all, it doesn’t matter to anyone else whether you succeed or fail. If you’re willing to do this then write it down somewhere for your eyes only, or write it on a new NotePad and save it on your desktop as a reminder to you. Pick one project at a time that you are going to give it all to.

Where do you think the saying comes from “too many irons in the fire”? Blacksmiths would often get ahead of themselves and have more metal blanks heating in the fire while they worked on one. If they couldn’t get to them in time the metal would melt or lose it’s quality. The exact same thing which happens to many (if not most) bloggers and affiliates.

But back to the topic of creating blog post ideas, how do I do it? The best way is to stay on top of your niches… read relevant blogs and forums. If you do that then there is no way you’ll find new blog topics hard to come by. Then your problem will be one of “doing it”, which is where Jon’s pledge comes in.

I may be a hypocrite, because as I write this I’m launching yet another domain/project. However, this one is going to be tied in to Epic Fizz and specifically the topic of making money by blogging. My intention and hope is to make this new site the focal point of a new training program for affiliate marketers because I’ve bought and tried many coaching/training programs myself and have never felt fully satisfied that the results were achievable nor the goals and objectives clearly defined, making it extremely difficult to stick with it. Anything other than success is a failure, right?

With a graduate degree in Organizational Development I understand training and development, so I’ll be creating a live example of what I believe to be a rock-solid foundation and launching platform for anyone of any skill level to achieve online blogging success in a detailed, methodical manner and time frame. Stay tuned, I’ll post an update as the project comes along. In the meantime I’m off creating a list of fresh ideas for upcoming blog posts.



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