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Custom Font WordPressI wrote previously about how amazing the Customizr WordPress theme is, and not because its free, but because it is so robust and feature-rich.

Last week I upgraded to the Font Customizr plugin pack which adds a massive library of over 650 font types and 40+ CSS3 effects. Now this is impressive on its own, but the magic that I alluded to in the title is that all of this is available from the “Customize” tab of WordPress.

First a little back-story. After installing WordPress on Epic Fizz and being fortunate enough to have discovered Customizr, I wasn’t in love with the default font. In fact, what I wanted was to install the premium Proxima Nova font pack that so many sites are using, but in the end I couldn’t justify the cost. Then a friend told me about a Google font, Montserrat, which is a near dead-ringer for Proxima Nova so I set out on a quest to change fonts on this site.

CSS? Pffff… Fahgettaboudit

Since I’m not savvy enough to edit the CSS files I turned to a couple of trusty sellers on Fiverr who I’ve used in the past for some WordPress work, and found out that they were going to charge me $25 – $30 to change the fonts out by editing the CSS files. In fairness, it’s a pain in the butt when you consider how many areas of your site use a different font size or style, and each area has to be individually modified (title, header, h1, h2, sidebar, comments, links, etc…).

For whatever reason I had forgotten all about the Customizr plugin, even though I’d written about it already. Just before I was about to place the order on Fiverr to get the custom site work done I remembered Customizr Fonts and rushed to their site and bought it. It cost me $19.95, it has the font I wanted to use included, and it took me less than 5 minutes to change out the fonts, site-wide, myself. You’re looking at the results right now.

Here’s a before and after screenshot (pardon the poor image quality) which brings home the dramatic difference you can make in your blog’s appearance, at will, with Customizr and their font plugin.

Before Customizr Plugin Update ScreenshotAfter Customizr Plugin Update Screenshot

As you can see, the difference it makes is pretty clear. I like that the blog is easier to read across a variety of platforms and for a wider range of readers. However, your only limit is your imagination. With the integrated ability to change the font from the “Customize” dashboard, you can adjust on the fly by scrolling through the fonts and see them implemented live on your blog before actually committing to it.

Of course, with the CSS3 effects you can make your blog and posts really stand out. If you haven’t noticed, I’m in love with Customizr. For less than what it would’ve cost to have some stranger on Fiverr add fonts to my site, I can now do it myself, in minutes, and change again and again whenever I want. No crashes, conflicts or headache… what’s not to love?

As mentioned in a previous post, my love story may make it seem like I’m in some way affiliated with the folks at Themes&Co, but the truth is I’m not in any way affiliated with them. Customizr has a lot of premium theme designers seeking therapy, I’m sure of it.

Have you customized the fonts on your site? What is your favorite font for blogs?


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