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Gold Star Web Host For BusinessThe fact that you’ve landed here and are reading this means that you understand just how important a good web host for business is (and blogging) and how vital speed is to your website’s ability to rank higher and provide a better user experience.

And you want to know who I’m crowning as the Top Business Web Host.

You’ve got the perfect office. You start work at 7:00 sharp. You’ve perfected your business model. You pump out fresh new content every day. But your web presence is hurting your search engine rankings and the user experience leaves customers looking elsewhere.

So the next logical step for successful businesses, bloggers and webmasters is to do whatever it takes to make your WordPress site load faster and improve the way customers interact on your pages. You’re determined.

And the “fiddle frustration” begins. Go ahead and laugh, we’ve all been there. Every person reading this has at one time or another dealt with low-end web hosting.

We end up spending more time under the hood of our website trying to fix something our sausage fingers did wrong (or couldn’t get right), when we should be focusing on the part of our business that actually makes us money, the front end.

That’s why I now recommend 100% that professionals use and rely on managed WordPress hosting because as a business owner you must stay laser focused and know that your hard work won’t be let down by inferior web hosting performance.

In an in-depth study, reports that:

“Site speed matters. Based on data from Alexa, pages on fast-loading sites rank significantly higher than pages on slow-loading sites.”

Yes, we all know that. But it’s no longer a discussion, it’s conclusive based on multiple studies.

That’s exactly why I wrote this post because I’ve done the search myself for many years, trying to find the best web host for small businesses, and because I didn’t fully understand all of the ins and outs I wasn’t sure which was the correct advice to follow.

I’ve worn many hats. I left the corporate world as a Sr. V.P. because of the lure of running my own businesses from home, creating blogs, affiliate income streams, etc… I’ve built and owned dozens of websites in various niches and verticals. They all hinged on one thing, getting my opportunity or business in front of customers.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a solo business owner, a blogger, whatever. If you don’t fully understand why your page speed and site performance matters to search rankings and a better user experience, then you’ve perhaps fallen out of touch with current search engine ranking factors and the latest user feedback surveys.

These are going to be crucial for 2017 onward, period.

Qualities A Web Host For Business Needs

If I were starting over, just starting out, or trying to move my business to the next level, I’d go with WP Engine because I know now, many years later after having been a customer at literally a dozen web hosts, that getting this one thing wrong costs you so much more in so many other areas.

I’m convinced that WP Engine offers unparalleled performance and real value considering the power they put in your hands. There’s a reason the bigs like National Geographic use them, yet surprisingly you and I can afford them, too.

Web Hosting For BusinessesIf I were in a conference room right now with my clients, the following 5 points are the ones I’d pitch as to why they should move their online business to WP Engine and start worrying about growth, design, social media marketing, product/content development, and stop worrying about the back end of their web hosting.

Web hosts for business are the last thing you should ever have to think about. Your web host doesn’t make you money, but it can cost you money it it fails you and if it costs you more in time and money to get working right.

As a business owner, large or small, you can’t afford to split pennies on something like hosting because it WILL cost you more in the long run. Read what every single blog pro has to say about it, it’s the same thing. Do not skimp on hosting.

Here’s why good business web hosting matters, and the things top businesses look out for.

  1. Track Record – They say you’re known by the company you keep, and with WP Engine that’s folks like National Geographic, Reader’s Digest, Yelp, Constant Contact, PBS and many more. That’s why it’s really amazing that small businesses and bloggers like us can actually get big league hosting and service for what we’d pay elsewhere anyway. At any given time in my internet career I’ve had several business hosting contracts going due to the various niches and businesses I’ve had and trying to keep them organized. Once I had a low-level managed VPS for the same price I could’ve signed up with WP Engine for, and literally saved myself a full weeks worth of tweaking and work trying to get my websites up to speed (which never actually happened anyway). Can you hear me now?
  2. Credibility – This may go hand in hand with a web host’s track record, but it gets to the larger point of knowing that if you’re not happy you know you can get your money back and not get railroaded like you’ve experienced or read about with some other web hosts. What’s that? Pfffttt, no big deal you say? Go ahead, check with your current web host and see how long their guarantee stands… many give a wimpy 2 weeks, most give a maximum of 30 days… WP Engine gives you two full months and will refund 100% of your money if you’re not happy. Try and top that anywhere. If anything speaks to a company’s value on their service it’s their warranty or guarantee.
  3. Technology –  Did you see what the Country Music Association had to say about WP Engine? Here’s a quote “WP Engine flawlessly served over 71 million page views in 24 hours for the CMA Awards on ABC“. Yes, they can handle you and I, too.  Of course everything is enterprise grade, but you rest easy knowing that they have their own built-in CDN, enhanced security, and one-click staging and restore. In fact, sites will run four to six times quicker on their unique front-end technology than on another hosting environment. Oh, and they have their own “on-site” customer support staff 24/7. Still with me?
  4. Scalability – If you’re working like a maniac and have dreams and aspirations, and the realistic hope that your business or blog can go viral or reach the top rankings for your niche, then you owe it to yourself to not reach the top of your game only to have your cheap web servers crash under the pressure of popularity. Do you know what would happen if on your lucky day, when your social media post goes viral and the world descends on your website to see what you’re about, that your server crashes and your web host doesn’t respond to your cries for help? I’ll tell you. Your hard-earned success becomes your 15 seconds of fame. Those visitors won’t be coming back. With WP Engine you can start as a teeny tiny fish, if that’s you, and morph into a whale overnight without missing a beat or losing a wink of sleep.
  5. Security – Now that WordPress makes up over 25% of all global websites, hackers are turning up the heat and getting good at being bad. Security is everything in online business. I’ve had multiple websites hacked, some with irreversible damage. Not to mention what havoc they can wreak on your customers. An ultra secure environment like WP Engine can protect you from data loss, but also stop embarrassing hacker takeovers. Then there’s the fact that properly secured sites are much faster because bogus traffic and requests aren’t eating away at your resources. Again, some of the worlds largest brands trust WP Engine with their security, so you can, too.

There so much more, but let me mention one in particular.

WP Engine’s Page Performance – Ahead of the Pack

With WP Engine’s Page Performance feature, which you can learn more about here, you have the power of performance right at your finger tips. This unique feature which is free to all WP Engine users, is the very first tool to deliver “Performance Intelligence.”

This powerful tool is built right into your user portal and gives you relevant, near real-time data and actionable insights so you can boost the performance of your website. It measures how your pages perform by running a series of tests like page rendering, cacheability, and other key metrics, and then delivers a detailed study of the results.

It’s just one of many custom, professional tools that all WP Engine users have access to, and another reason there’s no one in their league.

Without a question WP Engine can provide speed and service that you won’t find anywhere else. More than just a place on the web, this is a real company which was chosen as the Top Place To Work In Austin.

At WP Engine they treat their employees, and you, like family. And unlike many of the “webhosts” which reside in some guys bedroom, you’ve got the power of this team behind you and your business. And their world-class data center is your peace of mind.

WP Engine Business WordPress Hosting

I’m 100% calling them my Top Web Host For Business and for bloggers or affiliates of any size. Their service and performance are unparalleled.

What do other pros say about them?

  • WPbeginner – “WP Engine is VIP WordPress hosting.”
  • OmniCore – “WP Engine is the leader in managed WordPress hosting.”
  • WPdevShed – “In our opinion WP Engine is the gold standard in WordPress web hosting.”
  • ShoutMeLoud – “I believe it’s complete value for money.”
  • PressFoundry – “Expert support, unparalleled speed, and top-notch security.”

Sometimes we all need to be reminded to do what’s right and what makes sense.

WP Engine is the best business website hosting you can get. If you’re a business owner or blogger and aren’t happy with mediocre then join the big leagues for a whole lot less than you may think, especially right now with this 20% off coupon. You’ll regret not grabbing the added 20% off while it’s available. You can (and will) thank me later, I’m sure of it. Comment below or send me an email if you have any questions.

Click and save right now.

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