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Organize Using A WordPress Calendar

WordPress CalendarI admit that when it comes to organizing my posts and purposely scheduling content, managing and prioritizing content ideas… I’m among the worst.

That’s why when I recently came across the free WordPress Editorial Calendar by StressLimitDesign I was really happy. It does a few things and does them effortlessly and integrates well into WordPress, and plays well with others.

It’s readily apparent when you first install the plugin and start kicking the tires that this one was built by users, and not just some techie. Power bloggers, like some of the people who recommended this, don’t have time to waste and this is a no-frills author interface that does a few important things.


  • It lets you plan ahead (which as it turns out, also motivates you)
  • Provides a great platform to capture content or site ideas
  • If you’re writing serial posts then this is an invaluable scheduler
  • Allows you to manage guest posts and contributors more easily


But Can She Dance

Editorial Calendar was, it seems to me, built to be as svelte and light-footed as possible, with only those functions absolutely necessary to do its job. You’ll find the calendar handily placed in the “Posts” tab of the WP Dashboard. Below is a screen shot of the Dashboard view.

WordPress Posts Calendar Screen Shot

As you can see, it clearly lays out the content day by day, both previously published, scheduled, and draft content. Search is easy and allows for showing any number of weeks per page, and you can scroll from month to month with ease making far-reaching schedules just as simple to manage.

At the bottom of the page is a video overview which does a much better job of walking you through the plugin than I can with some screenshots, but here’s one more of the Dashboard which shows an open post scheduler. If it were an existing post (either posted or draft) you would see the content and could make content edits right from this tab, which is what I meant when I said it’s a great idea capture tool… you can add thoughts to an existing project with ease.

WordPress Posts Calendar Screen Shot 2

Dashboard With Post Scheduler Open


Be sure to watch the video, as there’s a cool function that let’s you store unpublished, unscheduled posts on the right of the dashboard, and then when you decide when you would like them to appear you simply drag the post over to the calendar. Cool! And while WordPress gives you the ability to schedule your posts from the “Publish” tab of the content creation page, it’s a basic scheduler with no way of seeing posts collectively and from a broader perspective.

I can’t take credit for my brilliant discovery, it was an article by Ian Cleary over at Razor Social that gets the nod. I’m making a point to call out this article because it’s a brilliant piece of work. Ian interviewed 54 professionals to find out what their 3 favorite plugins are, and this one, Editorial Calendar, stood out as one that many of them liked and used. So thank you Ian.

I almost always rely on high quality reviews and editorials like that one when I’m evaluating plugins, themes, etc…, because these are people who earn their living online and who take functionality and reliability serious. So unlike a random review on the WordPress.org repository, it’s much easier for me to get a reliable feel for how well something performs. If I like it, too, then I write about it and share the love.

Below is the video introduction of the WordPress Editorial Calendar by Zack Grossbart, one of the authors of this plugin.

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Are you using Editorial Calendar, going to give it a try, or do you use something else? I love hearing from you because that’s how we learn and grow, so take a second a leave a comment.


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